What Is Barack Obama Doing To Piss Me Off Today

I felt like I knew him, or at least knew what he was about. A bleeding-heart liberal whose compassion for human life would literally shake the foundations of U.S. policies, rising above and leading us out of the hard-line bullshit “No, We Can’t” actions and attitudes of a traditional, retarded bureaucracy. I guess that was Hope 2009; now we’re chewing the bitter fat of Reality.

Barack Obama

Don’t even try your charms on me Obama; best pack your things and go. And sheesh, get some Just For Men Gel while you’re out; first 100 days is puttin’ on the gray.

Barack Obama is an intelligent man, and I would like to think that he has some profound reason as to why he has changed his mind on just about every goddamn plank in the party platform (See: John Kerry, “flip-flop, flip-flop”). Maybe his hands are simply too full right now to handle another issue—though apparently not full enough to avoid the 1st Annual White House Poetry Slam. Teenagers emoting via spoken verse about how their life sucks? Buzz kill. If I’m going to ignore the demands of the American people, I’d rather kick it with Andrew Jackson’s Kitchen Cabinet and get trashy.

So what is Barack Obama doing to piss me off today?
In order to restore world confidence in the fairness and equality of the United States (namely, respecting the Geneva Convention), Obama proposed during his campaign that we shut down Guantanamo Bay, which is strangely enough located in Cuba, America’s arch-nemesis. It has not been closed.

You could be a smart-ass and point out that, yes, Obama did indeed sign an executive order to have Gitmo closed. Congress, however, rejected the funding (power of the pen, ya’ know) because he never provided a plan that explained how. Presidents not having plans for their great ideas hasn’t exactly worked out recently (See: War in Iraq).
Obama also ran as the anti-War candidate; he would demand a time table for a U.S. exit from Iraq and, from what I remember, end the War in Afghanistan as well. He has now settled for 16 months “out of Iraq” and is escalating the War in Afghanistan. Nevermind that we’re on the brink of two more interventions in Pakistan and North Korea respectively.

Oh the humanity.

The only people benefiting from these wars (note the perpetual state of war the U.S. finds itself in) are weapons manufacturers and terrorists. Instead of going overseas and killing hundreds of thousands of people and inciting more terrorism, we could have just paid the Lords of War $2 trillion and told them to shove it. Instead, we continue to wallow in deficit spending to fund corrupt governments and compromise U.S. security.

Yes, domestically he seems to be accomplishing some goals, especially ones that he can’t fail at, like saving the economy and preventing 2 of the 3 auto companies from completely dying. And when I say he ‘can’t fail at,’ I mean, ‘if he fails shit is going to hit the fan,’ not ‘they’re so easy he can’t fail.’

Some kindof of government subsidized healthcare should be on its way, though it will not be as successful as the single-payer system we should have, sans HMOs. He is also suceeding in making funds available to revolutionize American manufacturing, giving them the ability to produce ‘green’ (environmentally friendly and energy efficient) goods that could actually be sold in another country (unike American cars for the past 25 years). Still, I am left wondering why his foreign policy reeks of neoconservatism.

Given my viewpoints, I could be described as a liberal, and I voted for Barack Obama because he was the most liberal candidate; he is turning out to be very, very moderate. And to think that the Republicans are assaulting him as a ‘socialist.’ Good grief.

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2 responses to “What Is Barack Obama Doing To Piss Me Off Today

  1. tom

    “I would like to think that he has some profound reason as to why he has changed his mind on just about every goddamn plank in the party platform”

    My only guess would be is that once he became president some things came to light that he would not have known had he not won.

    I think he is taking the right step domestically, but in all honesty I hardly know enough to make an educated comment on it.

    America has always had something in terms of manufacturing that makes us a profitable country; slaves, steel, and cars. I wonder what the next big thing is for us, or are our manufacturing jobs going to dwindle into nothing? Once again I hardly know enough to make any worthy remarks, but then again our government really doesn’t have a clue for the most part.

    With our highly democratic congress and our democratic president we should be making headway into all sorts of social reform. What’s the hold up? Money? Why don’t we do what we have always have done, print more. ha ha

    You know I was turned down for a job today. They sent me an email and told me I didn’t meet the qualifications. You might be thinking I applied for something that was simply out of my area of expertise. Well, your wrong. I applied for a job stocking shelves part time. I think I was denied because I put “prefer not to tell” for my race. It was either “latino/hispanic,” “not latino/hispanic,” or “prefer not to tell.” I found it interesting that I didn’t meet the qualifications to stock shelves at a store. Maybe I should apply for a janitorial position?

    Anyways, I felt like commenting. I enjoy reading anything by Jake.

    • jakefunc

      You might actually be OVERqualified for the job Tom, haha.

      And technically, your opinion has as much value as anyone elses. Its an open forum ya’ know. This whole post is just me bitching about Obama being more pragmatic than dogmatic; rolling with the punches instead of instilling dramatic, shock therapy methods of change.

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