Capturing Beauty [one snapshot at a time]

In my life, it often seems that I stumble across beauty and inspiration when I’m least excepting it. Perhaps it comes in the form of luminous night sky, a dilapidated building, or the subtle way a shadow creeps across cracked pavement. Regardless of its form, beauty can be found anywhere, in anything – we usually just forget how to see it. This is why we often feel as if beauty is fleeting. Only occasionally do we ever really see the beauty that surrounds us, that is us. It is for this reason that I like the absurd premise of attempting to capture it and ‘bottle it up’. Yes, if only I could preserve beauty as if it were some antiquated bug collection. Then, years later, I could dust if off and still revel in its eternal magnificence.

Sadly, such a feat is impossible. That’s why I bought a digital camera. Not one of those huge and bulbous SLR’s, but an exceptionally small pocket-sized camera. The idea is to take it with me and capture things I find riveting in everyday life. While it’s certainly not the solution to safeguarding the impermanence of a beautiful moment- it’s still a fun way to remind myself of the miraculous world that we inhabit.

I’m definitely not a photographer but here’s a few of my better shots (I even thought of some corny titles for them):

The Chessmatch

The Chessmatch_resized

Love Birds

Love Birds_resized

Skies Away

Skies Away_resized

City Alone




Boardwalk to Nowhere

Boardwalk to Nowhere_resize

Bricked Out

Bricked Out_resized

Sunset Over Edgewater Park

Sunset Over Edgewater Park_resized

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6 responses to “Capturing Beauty [one snapshot at a time]

  1. soahki

    These are excellent photos. You may be surprised to know that I liked City Alone most of all! I also really liked Poof. I definitely agree that one of the best ways to capture and reflect upon the beauty of the world is through photography. It’s my preferred method as well. It’s a way of remaining in the moment for just a little longer.

  2. Po, the photos too are impermanent. You must download them all to various and strategically placed flash drives, leaving intricate and detailed notes for their preservation by future Pochedlys in your last will and testament.

  3. I, too, really enjoyed Poof.

  4. Po

    redpillneo, I acknowledge that photos are impermanent but I enjoy the memories and moments that reflecting upon them conjures up. I always remember trips and events better when I have the photos to look at. I realize it’s probably just my memory hastily manufacturing and re-hashing the past, but to me, it beats not having anything.

  5. davidrsheehan

    It’s interesting to me how the physical image can recall strong memories – even if, as you correctly point out, Po, they are manufactured or partially re-hashed.

    More interesting – not everyone recalls things visually. Some people use feels/textures, others smells, and still others, sounds. Not everyone remembers or recalls things in the same manner. Fascinating (to me).

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