Ready for War?

I recently caught up with one of my boys from back home, a man I had grown up with but seen little of in recent years. We reminisced about the old days, cheered prospective tomorrows, and laughed at his jackass brother’s running afoul of Johnny Law. (This may be the only time a pot bust has made me smile, instead of inciting unmitigated rage.) Eventually, I must have said something really wise-assed, because my friend mock-threatened me with the fact that there were several loaded weapons in the next room.

“Sure, dude.” I thought, laughing inwardly. I knew he hadn’t been training seriously for awhile, and while I would never have knifed my childhood pal, the weapon’s presence in my back pocket (Indonesian style, thanks much) led me to believe that my would-be assailant would never have made it to the apartment’s far end and his waiting arsenal.

Some hours passed, and I had almost forgotten my inward joke entirely. The subject returned to my thought, however, when the issue of gun control was raised. “Yeah,” my friend said casually, “just got my CCW. Check it out.” With seeming nonchalance, he reached beneath his shirt and passed to me a small .22 pistol. “The gun’s not the best,” he admitted, “but if you pay a little extra for the right ammo, it does the job.”

Oh shit, son.

While I was at first enthused about having (yet another) perpetually armed amigo – there is, after all, something to be said for personal security – I watched in minute terror as my own similar reasoning backfired. I’m not saying I couldn’t have closed distance, if my friend was off on his aim or if I happened to be Tony Jaa, but I have no desire to come out swinging against even a pissant .22 in any state of armament, let alone a single blade! Wasn’t my thought, in believing I could prevent his prior threat, built along the same lines as his? And, by extension, could his not as well prove dangerous?

There is a lesson to be learned here. I am not sure if the lesson is one of disarmament, or a simple matter of “always carry the bigger gun.” I bring the subject up because gun control is something we have to face not only individually in procuring weapons, training, or concealment permits, but on a civic, legislative level.

I have no agenda here. I carry weapons sometimes, always knives, and have considered acquiring a permit to conceal handguns. Recently, I have been “strapped” less frequently, simply because I do not always want to greet the world as if I am holding my breath for warfare. Also, I believe it is the right of a citizen to arm himself against his government, as per the second amendment of our constitution.

Conversely, I also believe that people are morons; the last thing we need is a bunch of thugs and rednecks running about with lethal firepower and the requisite machismo for its use. Perhaps they can kill each other and have done with it?
In any event, the following questions seem to be in order.

1. Do you own/carry a deadly weapon?

2. If yes, are you trained in its use and willing to utilize said training? If no, does it frighten you that others do have deadly weapons on their person, often concealed from public view?

3. In what scenarios would you actually use, or condone the use of, a deadly weapon against another human being? Is it enough that a man should scratch your ride or nail your baby mama, or does a bullet to the face require something more in the way of provocation?

Hope to hear from you all – play nice.

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9 responses to “Ready for War?

  1. KevinKMJr

    oh, a fun topic!

    1. Yes, I own several deadly bladed and blunt weapons. No, I no longer carry any of these items on me.
    2. Yes, I have recieved professional (military,) formal (martial arts,) and hobbyist (friends, books, internet, …etc) training in both armed and unarmed melee combat.
    3. I would only use lethal force in the protection of life and/or limb.

    As far as the second ammendment is concerned, there is no reason for us to carry lethal weapons on the streets. Because other people might break the law and do so is probably the weekest argument I have ever heard. I am a supporter of the fact that we should be permitted to own ANY kind of personal weapon available; I am not a supporter of carrying these weapons without just cause.

  2. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about being “unarmed” now? Any more vulnerable, or just “freer?”

  3. KevinKMJr

    The vast majotiy of people that are holding a gun with the intent for violence have no real understanding of how to effectively use the weapon, let alone have the mental fortidtude to carry through with the act. Armed women have been easily disarmed and raped because of a lack of psychological and skill training.

    What about the slim minority that both know how and are prepared to use deadly force with a weapon to obtain their own goals? Being armed won’t help us against them anyways.

    I don’t worry much about the random thugs that carry weapons; they don’t know how to use them. I don’t worry much about the trained killer stocking me; I probably won’t ever hear or feel a thing. I don’t worry about outside countries invading; we have more civilian owned guns on our soil than most standing armies and our military isn’t too bad either. I don’t worry about the government and their military; us Americans are to disorganized to effectively revolt against a trained military anyways.

  4. tom

    Question 1: I do not carry any lethal weapons.

    Question 2: Yes, it does frighten me to some extent that people can carry lethal weapons, concealed or not. Every time I see a police officer, or in my case a security force officer at the gate to our base I always notice there gun.

    I sometimes think “what if they wanted to take the gun out and just start shooting for the hell of it.” What’s holding them back? Fear of the consequences? It doesn’t burden my mind, but the thought is there every time I see someone with a weapon.

    Question 3: I would use deadly force only if someone had the intentions right then and there to use deadly force on me. I would prefer to see someone suffer over death though, so maybe I would shoot them in the knee cap.

    I probably don’t have the balls to even shoot someone in the leg if I had too. I have shot a gun before, but I hesitated even though I was shooting at a target picture of a turkey.

  5. davidrsheehan

    Great post and intriguing topic.

    My answers:

    1) Depends on what you consider deadly, I suppose. I have a three-inch tactical knife that I often carry, but as I am relatively untrained and a firm supporter of life/discussion over violence, I doubt that I would ever pull it to do harm. Unless there was a piece of tape that needed cutting or something (I’m saying, my primary use is for the mundane, utilitarian slicing and dicing we often encounter every day. I just have a sweet knife because I gave the $ to buy it to a friend who then became a Marine – lesson learned). I also have a couple replica swords/knives… but aside from accidental injury, I don’t know how “deadly” these could be.

    2) I think I covered this, but no. Not really trained. I understand why the 2nd amendment came about (the colonial forefathers were pissed at the rules enforced on them by the King), but I am definitely not an ardent supporter of the Constitution as a flawless document (neither did they, by the way, which is why they both amended it and allowed for it to be amended). I suppose trained individuals should be allowed to carry a weapon, and I understand the importance of hunting for some species population control (like deer, whose natural caps we have removed by killing most of the wolf population). But I see no reason whatsoever that any civilian needs an automatic weapon. The simple act of pulling the trigger requires choice, every time it is completed. Semi-automatic weapons, to be used to do much harm, require many choices to achieve that harm. I am sure what I’ve said will be incendiary (how dare I question the Constitution! or gun ownership!), but I have given it lots of thought, and this is where I continually find myself balancing the desire to defend oneself (personal choice, I see it) with the risk of allowing individuals who aren’t capable of handling a weapon responsibly or with humanity to own such a device (effectively the god status of life-or-death decision making for others).

    3) It doesn’t frighten me at the thought of using my knife to defend myself (against, say, an attacking mountain lion or a rabid dog or something…). I think it would shake me up, but it would have to be an extreme situation wherein I drew my knife with the intent to harm another human. Defending life and/or limb of myself and those I care about, maybe.

    Again, great post and I share your conflicted view on the subject. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Po

    I recently moved to the city for the first time in my life and (much to the chagrin of my girlfriend) I toyed with the idea of purchasing a firearm. Originally I was unsure of the safety of the area. But it turns out, besides for my cousins car being broken into, there have been no problems and all of my neighbors are respectable working class people. If I were to have heard odds sounds at all times of the night then I wouldn’t have hesitated to purchase a Mossburg .12 gauge. Though, I do feel that many gun-nuts are just paranoid freaks looking for an excuse to discharge their weapon on anything that crosses their path. This greatly disturbs me. A well armed populous is only good if the individual possesses mental clarity, good decision making, and a thorough understanding of their weapon. Unfortunately , I have my doubts that the average gun-toting person has these characteristics.

  7. davidrsheehan

    Good points, Po.

    To which city did you recently move?

  8. Po

    I live on the East end of Lakewood, about two block from Cleveland. Certain areas are shady but my part of town is nice.

  9. davidrsheehan

    Ah, I see. If I recall from my visits, not too bad a place. Where’d you end up landing your job?

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