One world government: Sign of the Apocalypse or evolution of human consciousness.

Sorry it’s so short this week (and the last two).  Next week I don’t have any out of town visitors and I plan to have a lengthier, more in depth post.

The idea of a one world government is often vilified by conspiracy theorist, fundamentalist Christians, and militia men. The theory goes that any international form of government will inevitably undo the US constitution and strip us of all our rights. The book of revelations supposedly prophesizes that the anti-christ will unite the world under his reign in the end times. The UN has been demonized as the beginning stages of this insidious overthrow of the US (and every other country’s ) independence. On the flip side, there is the thought that individual nation states, and the wars they wage, are symptoms of a consciousness based in duality. As the collective human consciousness evolves to an understanding in the unity of all things, a one world government makes sense as an expression of that unity. Rather than being the ultimate in control and the violation of rights, it could usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. So what do you think? Is either of these more likely in your opinion? Something in the middle? Something else entirely?


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7 responses to “One world government: Sign of the Apocalypse or evolution of human consciousness.

  1. kevinkmjr

    I think we all fear the Global Government because we all fear the worst. I believe that one of the founding principles of the United States would be necessary in order to create a global government. The United States of America are supposedly a group of smaller governing bodies that are united under a larger governing body. That kind of model would probably hold the strongest as there is no one way to govern everyone.

    Each sector would create their governing rules for living there. If sector 18 wants to ban the use of marijuana, fine, let them. If your sector creates a rule that you don’t like, move to a sector that better fits your ideals. That’s something I always say to people, “If you don’t like the USA rules, then move somewhere that you like there rules better.”

    It is, obviously, much more complicated than that, but I feel a one world government could be safe as long as there are multiple levels states and/or sectors to buffer and give freedoms and choices to different groups of people.

  2. Po

    “As the collective human consciousness evolves to an understanding in the unity of all things.”

    Do you really believe we’re headed this way? It sounds kind of like something that spiritual guru Eckhart Tolle would say.

    In the U.S we still have extreme amounts of hatred and misunderstanding amongst other Americans. What makes you think that a globalized world would somehow produce a world of understanding and true (not just monetary) unity amongst the populous?

    I do hope that you’re right, but I just can’t see it ever happening…

  3. davidrsheehan

    I’m with Po – I think that’s overly hopeful for the intelligence of our species (something I don’t have much of).

    Also, is the original post two of the same thing or is my browser acting funky?

  4. merkaba33

    (Yes, I accidentally pasted my extremely short post into the blog editor twice. Thank you for catching that davidrsheehan!)

    I have to agree with you both: it appears that our species is NOT headed towards a “collective human consciousness” that “understands the unity of all things.” A simple objective look at our world makes that seem very unlikely.

    I do however believe this is the direction that we are headed. I think that evolution marches on despite the appearance of things on the surface. An observation of the earth before the emergence of multi-cellular organisms could leave the observer with the impression that the future of this planet was not that diverse or impressive.

    Do we have a long way to go? Sure. Human history is a tiny blip on the evolutionary clock. Our civilation is a tinier blip on that clock than even the history of our species. So sure, we’re full of hatred and misunderstandings. Do we have the potential to annihilate our species before we ever get there? Absolutely.

    And no, I don’t think a globalized world government would produce this new level of human consciousness. I do think that if a globalized world government *came out of* this consciousness it would not be a bad thing. A globalized government coming out of our present consiousness would probably just produce more of the same with more centralized power and control.

    I would also add that even though it looks like we have an infinitely long way to go, it may be a shorter distance than it appears. Rupert Sheldrake’s “hundreth monkey” phenomenon seems to indicate that when a critical mass of a species gains knowledge it becomes accessible to the entire species.

    So, theoretically, we only have to get to that “critical mass.” Meanwhile while we’re getting there, the vast majority of humanity is still operating at the dualistic, judgemental, hateful, and misunderstanding level of consciousness. Because of this it appears the distance between where we are and where we are going is much farther than it is.

    On a side note: Eckhart Tolle’s work is fantastic at helping explain how to induce a state of consciousness. It doesn’t really address stages of consciousness (though it claims to), lines of development, quadrants, or types. I think that his work is a good component in an overal Integral Life Practice. (See Ken Wilber’s AQAL Integral Thoery) It is not what his fanatic followers claim it to be: the end all be all answer to the quest. But then again, what is?

  5. Po

    markaba33, thanks for recommending Ken Wilber… I’m most of the way through A Brief History of Everything and it’s absolutely fantastic… I’ve been looking for something like this for a few years now

  6. davidrsheehan

    I’m a firm supporter of a world united and a world government, but that’s because I agree that nations and limiting the scope of our thinking to such is limiting rather than helpful. Then again, the majority of (at least American) people don’t seem capable of thinking beyond this level (and many shy from even this).

    In terms of evolved consciousness, I’m reminded of a book I read, Sir Arthur Clarke’s “Childhood’s End”. I was a little sad when it finished, but it’s a fascinating (if short) read.

    I’ll check out A Brief History as well.

    Also, wasn’t calling you out on the double-post – was more concerned my browser was screwy.

  7. Your post on a world government makes me think you might be interested in the post and comments on consolidation at

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