Michael Jackson is Dead

MJ1I was halfway through another article today when I got word of the big news.

Ladies and gentleman the ‘King of Pop’ is now dead as a doornail.

That’s right; at 2:26 pm today Michael Jackson kicked the bucket at a mere fifty years of age. There’s no doubt that he was popping far too many happy pills, but it’s still a pretty sad situation. Forget the child molestation charges, the freaky nose job(s), and all of those creepy Neverland interviews for a second. On the stage MJ was a spectacle, a sage, a….God? While his music never touched me personally (excuse the pun) I still have mad respect for his talent. In fact, I’m pretty sure the moonwalk should be universally respected among all mortals; if it isn’t already. My favorite tune of his – Billie Jean, no doubt.

But putting this aside, do you know what we’re in for people? Yup – endless hours of Michael Jackson tributes, pathetic “80’s kids” sobbing on the news, youtube, and their wordpress blogs. It’s not that I don’t feel compassion for the man, his death deserves to have some time in the lime light, but this is going to be something even the likes of Health Ledger has never witnessed.

In other news the world still turns. There’s a revolution taking place in Iran, a genocide still going on in Africa, and Sarah Palin is friggin’ PISSED at David Letterman.

But there are indeed some good things that will come out of this tragedy. For example, the news media’s ratings will soar in the coming weeks. Coincidentally, I plan to use Michael Jackson’s death to promote my blog, Project Groupthink. If you came here looking for a Jackson montage (or a nipple-slip or two) you’re in the wrong place. But if you’ve come here for daily kick-ass content, philosophical musings, and lively debate then do pop your head in and say “hi”.

R.I.P Michael Jackson, you will be missed by many.

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3 responses to “Michael Jackson is Dead

  1. tom

    Good Ole’ Michael Jackson.

    While he was a revolutionizing musical artist, his legacy was tainted with an awkward obsession for pre-pubescent boys.

    I’ll give credit where credit is due. Michael Jackson was unique; a more modern day Elvis if you will. He brought the dance scene of the 80’s into pop music. He had hit after hit, and he most definitely deserves to be mourned in the musical world.

    Personally, I don’t mourn his death. I never had a connection to his music, or anything he ever did for the most part.

    I know it is saddening when a musical icon slips away into the grasps of death, but it happens, and the best we can do is reflect on the music and what his accomplishments were.

    I suppose this isn’t a time for a corky Michael Jackson joke, but I am going to slip one in because this will likely be the last time I get the opportunity.

    What do Wal-Mart and Michael Jackson have in common? They both have boys pants half off!

    You would be lying if you tell me you didn’t at least crack a smirk at that.

    I suppose this should be a time to remember him and his music, and not so much on all the negativity of the recent years.

    Summed up… I mourn his death no more than anyone else I do or did not know.

  2. davidrsheehan

    I’m more curious at the recent spat of celebrity deaths…

    Carradine and his double-noose (but no nipple-slip).

    McMahon (but he was old)

    Farrah Fawcett and her anal cancer (doesn’t that just sound painful? Even for cancer?)

    And now Michael Jackson (who I couldn’t care less about, but who obviously “touched” many)

    WTF? Enter Rorschach line of questioning about someone offing masks/celebrities. Is there an Ozymandias equivalent to celebrities?

    • Tom

      Carradine’s death was an interesting one to say the least.

      Does anyone watch the show weeds? The character Doug put a noose around his neck and whacked it in the season 4 finale.

      That must be the new trend. I am not going to be hopping on that bandwagon. Death for a quick whack hardly seems worth it.

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