Racism, Pie…and YOU!

“Racism is necessary” a young man said. This man (or boy – judging by the profound erroneousness of his words) is quite clearly a white male who will likely be in one of the upper echelons of income brackets when he finishes his career. He grew up in the ‘burbs’, probably had a golden retriever, a freshly cut lawn, and waved to his neighbors as he boarded the school bus. How could I possibly expect him to understand the complexities of psycho poverty? I barely understand the ramifications of it myself.

To the uncompassionate corporate square – racism is necessary. How else would it be possible to subject a small group of people to unjust tyranny so that he and the other members of the ruling class can stuff their greedy mouths with an even bigger chunk of this American pie? But hey, you earned it… right?

I don’t believe the ill-bred person who said this is necessarily a bad person. It takes a lot more than a one-liner for me to judge someone’s character. But I would like to know when he feels obligated to draw the line with racism. Did it go too far when two teenagers beat a sixteen year old Hispanic boy until he fell to the ground unconscious? How about when they carved a swastika into his chest, poured bleach all over his body and then sodomized him with an umbrella? If you’re any kind of human that probably appalled you.

How about in 1959, when, in the “dirty south”, men and women of color couldn’t even defecate in the same restroom as members of your superior race? Big deal, right? Go shit somewhere else.

But seriously, step away from that ultra conservative (non-intellectual) framework for just a second, it’s not that hard… really. Put your thinking cap on and make sure it’s snug because we don’t want it falling off now.

It appears the only way to see beyond the luxury of being a white middle class American is to put your feet in someone else’s shoes. 1959 wasn’t too long ago. Your parents were born sometime around then. Imagine then, that your mother and father were subjected to bigotry. They both cared for you but had to work several minimum wage jobs in a shady party of town just to make ends meet. One can’t be considered lazy if there are virtually no opportunities to get ahead. And let’s be honest, after so many years of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, isn’t it tempting to give up? But please don’t kid yourself; it takes a hell of a lot more than one generation to turn around hundreds of years of racial inequality.

So there you are, a hopeless little shit. You’re living in the housing projects, snacking on your own buggers. You’re surrounded by other little shits whose parents were also royally fucked over by the status quo. You grow up. You become bitter. You’re uneducated. You were never given a chance; all you know is hate. You idolize all things material and you have never finished a book. You can barely afford a pot to piss in and some white jerk; with a $50,000 a year salary just out of college thinks you deserve it. He’s completely oblivious to every edge he’s been given in the economic game of life and he’d gladly curb stomp your ass just to get another little bite of that big ole’ American Pie; because well “racism is necessary” and its pretty tasty too.

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