Happy Independence Day! :)

Today we celebrate our independence from the oppressive taxation and monetary policy of the United Kingdom.  Today the United States government’s monetary policy and taxation is nearly identical to the very reasons our forefathers fought and died to free our country.  That is the United States now confiscates approximately 25%-33% of your income.   In addition, our currency is issued by a centrally controlled bank.  These two things that inspired the very revolution that created our country. 

But we don’t care.  We blow shit up, drink our beer, and have a merry old time.  Because we live in the “greatest country on earth,” the good old USA.  Where at least I have my freedom.

But many countries have freedom.  Europe is full of people that do not believe they are unduly oppressed.  So is Japan.  Australians feel pretty good about their way of life. 

So what’s so damn special about America anyway?

Well ….we have the most criminal society.  A larger percentage of our population is in prison than any other country on earth.

Land of the free indeed.


Well …there is our way of life.  The American dream.  That if you work hard, stay in school, and stay determined you can earn your way up the socio-economic ladder. 

What’s actually true in this world is that 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth, and the other 99% of us spend our time trying to get our piece of the remaining 10%.  The system is systematically stacked against anyone whos lineage is below a certain income bracket.  If you don’t start out ahead you have to work 100 times as hard just to give your kids the chance to start out even (you yourself are screwed, but if you work really hard you may be able to give your kids a chance to not be screwed).

The founding fathers believed in a social contract between the government and those governed.  That if the government ever failed the governed it was the citizens right, no privilege, to revolt against that government. 

No matter how bad our government fails us, we will never revolt.  There are two reasons for this:  the media and the military.

The United States military is way too well funded and armed to be defeated by any citizens’ militia.  No one would ever try.  The US could declare martial law, revoke all civil liberties, and basically set fire to constitution, and the sheep that make up this country would roll over and take it.

The other reason this is true is because of the media.  Not just the news networks.  The entertainment as well.  As long as most people have enough prosperity to eat, sit at home, and watch TV there will never be a revolution in this country.  Never. 

Does there need to be one?  That’s debatable.  I don’t know the answer.


But I know this:  the spirit of the constitution and the bill of rights is in a coma.  It is NOT alive and well in our society today.

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2 responses to “Happy Independence Day! :)

  1. jakefunc


    The revolution to me seemed to be more grounded in the lack of representation in the British government even though the American colonies were taxed quite excellently. I wonder if the anti-tax bastards of today realize that the taxes were unfair on those grounds (people, everywhere, all throughout time, have paid taxes of some sort so that the greater society that governs has some kind of resource to ensure governance; food, water, minerals, cash, labor, whatever, in a tribe, in a village, town, city-state, whatever).

    In the District of Columbia their license plates read “No Taxation Without Representation” because they still don’t have voting members in Congress.

    The “spirit of the constitution” is highly debatable. First and foremost, the “Founding Fathers” were a bunch of rich, white, Christian, slave-owning aristocrats who wanted a say in where all those tax dollars were going. They detailed “essential rights of man” only because they were needed to ensure their rise into the limelight of politics and the power arrangements that follow. All this goody-goody ‘LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS’ is a load of bull. It hides whats really going on; you could very well tag that in front of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

    I think that the conservative view of “be your own man, be responsible for yourself” is more in line with the ‘intent’ of the constitution than that of the liberal socialist welfare state. The constitution propagates liberty, not equality, and I’m pretty sure those two ideals are at odds with one another.

    Just like the Bible, the constitution is rather vague and can be interpreted by anyone to mean just about anything. On the Supreme Court sits modern day theologians, obsessing over content hundreds of years old, making conclusions that oftentimes does not grant us the power to solve the problems at hand.
    “Is this an A, or an A+?” when 40 million Americans are FAILING.
    Good luck fixing the modern leak with your ancient hammer.

    If you ever wonder why America is the most backwards, conservative 1st world country, you needn’t look farther than the constitution. It guarantees freedoms that are counterproductive to good governance. Everybody (I would hope) today is looking for equality.

  2. kevinkmjr

    I am forced to believe that you were in a sour mood when you wrote this, as I have always thought you were more open minded and less driven by blinded, singular directions.

    Freedom is a delicate balance that NO country has truly mastered as it is impossible to master as a governing body. How can you ensure person A’s freedom to do as they feel fit without imposing on person B’s freedom? NO ONE has proposed an idea that allows everyone to live both 100% free and 100% safe. It’s a work in progress. Yes it sucks to be part of the era that is trying to figure it out, but at least we’re past the eras of slavery and monarchy.

    Guess what happens to all of the people that believe that there is a quick fix? They lost all their money on get rich quick and self employment schemes.

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