MJ, Carradine, and the All Powerful Elvis (CAN IT ALREADY!)

Ordinarily I do my best to basically completely ignore the media, except for what I specifically look up on the internet—but of course on my way into work today, just before hopping on the elevator, I glance up at the monitor and there it is…..a major news company covering more garbage about Michael Jackson. Now, I realize that me commenting on all of this is only further adding to the projectile vomit his death has caused….but its more than just Michael Jackson. This blog is for all of those people who think Elvis will be coming back or for those who actually have sympathy for David Carradine.

Death is the final frontier people. Everyone dies, sooner or later. Certainly this does not minimize the grief survivor’s experience and it definitely does not make the blow less minimal in the case of tragic deaths—but carrying on and on about people who overdose or die during some elicit sexual act is utterly ridiculous. I understand respecting someone because of their talents, skills, and contributions, but turning them into some mythic character, a vision of some sort of hero just because of their celebrity is bullshit.

In my opinion we should still be talking about Farrah Fawcett if we are going to talk about a celebrity death. Here is a woman who fought cancer for years, who shared her journey with others, (all be it a painful and heartbreaking one,) even when she knew she was knocking on death’s door.  Her story may empower someone suffering right now, struggling for their life.

Stories like those of Michael Jackson and David Carradine will likely not give any one hope, faith, or courage. It just reminds everyone that you should probably not take sleeping medication that doctors and nurses both advise you against, and that strangling yourself with a neck tie while you jerk off is probably not going to go over quite as well as one would imagine.

Seriously, unless someone is writing my name on a big fat check, I do not give two shits about what happens to Michael Jackson’s estate. It sickens me that we have become so absorbed in these celebrity fairy tales. If a recluse neighbor who invited little boys to sleep over with him accidentally overdosed—the neighborhood would probably have a block party. It’s annoying that having celebrity either means we rip apart a person’s moral character, (usually those celebrities that HAVE moral character,) or we wave a magic wand and totally cover up whatever we like as we see fit. So while MJ can have slumber parties with boys, dangle his kid over a banister, and continuously mutilate his own face, Janet will never live down her….dare I say it….nipple slip.

As a matter of fact, while I am on this tangent let me discuss some other sick and messed up media coverage. OCTOMOM! What the hell? All you have to do is go down to your local ghetto to find a woman who pops out kids for welfare—no difference. Well in all actuality there is a difference, OCTOMOM is educated. At any rate, THANK YOU MEDIA, for making sure that I had no doubts about where the relationship of John and Kate was heading, that the inside of Michael Jackson’s closet had a trap door, and that Spence and Heidi are legit, er…frauds….er…legit…what is it this week?

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4 responses to “MJ, Carradine, and the All Powerful Elvis (CAN IT ALREADY!)

  1. kevinkmjr

    Ah, but you overestimate the media. Why does the media spend so much time on the topic? Because the vast majority, on some level, wants to know what is going on in the wake of the proclaimed King of Pop.

    Let’s look at Google Trends which rates keywords people voluntarily type in on a scale of 0-100. Michael Jackson searches are at 93 for the last seven days. To put that in perspective; Barack Obama is tied at 93, Transformers are 91, HIV is 88, Cancer is 86, World Hunger is 70, and Farrah Fawcet is 46.

    I do not claim to fully understand how the scale works, which is why I searched for a few different keywords to use as a comparison. The masses want to know as much about Michael Jackson as they do Barack Obama. Mean while HIV, Cancer, and World Hunger fall lower than either of these men.

    So, no, I do not blame the media for their choice of coverage, I blame thew masses for their lack of interest in something that actually matters.

  2. Susan Halloran

    We live in a society that pays those in any entertainment field more than we pay teachers and in many cases, more than we pay our president, so what can we expect? We honor celebrity as a whole as a society. And it gets worse as the decades go by. Long gone are the days when kids dreamed of being astronauts and nurses. Now they want to be Britney and a Jonas brother.

    Personally, I think it is because the world itself aches and we do not want to see it, so we hide the cruelties and destruction of the planet and our individual selves behind the gloss and glitter of a celebrity. We are bored in our own existence, and why shouldn’t we be? Everything is done for us. As a society we want processed foods, faster cars, shorter work breaks, automated everything! Eventually we will have a machine that puts the food to our mouths and burps us because we are losing the ability to perform everyday functions for ourselves. We have computer programs that organize us, calculators that add for us (when was the last time you had a salesperson actually count back change to you the correct way?), fast food that is slowly killing us and televisions and game systems raising our kids!

    We are bored, we crave excitement but are too lazy to get off our butts and do anything. We wanted automation and ease of living things to be able to give us more time for ourselves, more time to feed our muse. But instead, it has made us a nation of couch potato’s that live vicariously through a celebrity. Instead of going out and playing football with our kids, we allow and even advocate professional athletes to become celebrity, they make movies, get guest roles on sitcoms, and even get recording contracts to which their horrible voices become music to our ears by means of “electronic enhancements”, you know, modern technology! Anyone can be a star these days, you just need a gimmick and to sell your soul, talent not needed!

    We are bored and we do not want to face things like ice melting in an area we do not go, so who cares, and over hundreds of animal species becoming extinct, that our children will only know if they happen to have the few remaining locked up at your local zoo. We are conditioned to NOT be affected by that which is not in our face, and lately even what is in our face can even be tuned out by turning on the television and caring more about Miley and her dad than our own kids and families.

    We as a society do not want to see the mess we have made, we do not want to admit we had a hand in making the mess, so we fall into someone else’s life and home and city on a big screen. Things as simple as knowing what rain smells like, I was amazed when told by one person, it doesn’t smell like anything when it rains. Our 10% person brain use theory is getting smaller and smaller as the decades move forward. And I for one, weep for what the world misses out on, for what I miss out on because of the continuous programming of our brains.

    The memorial service was on today for MJ, and all I could think of myself was, I hope the Dad that created what MJ turned out to be does not permanently get his hands on those kids MJ left behind. Other than that, I did not know MJ, so I mourn his passing as I would any other person who died that I did know but heard about, I feel sad for those he left behind. The last celebrity funeral I watched was Princess Diana’s. I felt like a peeping tom, it felt obscene and wrong and I have never watched another since. I watched hers because I mourned the loss of a person who did good deeds while she was in this world, she affected change, she did something that mattered for the world. I have moments I feel bad for celebrity that are inundated with paparazzi during births and deaths and what should be private moments, but it is a monster they create for themselves in many many cases.

    The way we bow to celebrity in this world is yet another example of why I weep for our species. Our priorities are quite messed up!

  3. 1) Thank you, Susan, for your extended response. This is the sort of contribution that PGT thrives on.

    2) E, does your wrath extend to my Layne Staley memorial the other week?

    3) Does anyone know what’s going on with the rights to all of those Beatles songs? This is the only reason I might care what’s happening with Michael’s death or estate.

  4. eltigretom


    Word on the streets is that Michael Jackson rights to most of the Beatles song will likely land in the lap of Paul Mcartney.

    I guess Sony paid Jackson some money back in the mid-90’s and they technically own 50% of the publishing/copyrights to the music as well.

    I am not sure if that means Sony now has the full rights to buy it out completely, or if it will be auctioned. In the case of an auction i would hope Ringo and Paul scrape together some dinero and buy the rights to their music.


    About the media and these celebrity deaths of the past week.

    I have found most media revolves around sensationalism. It’s too easy to say “Michael Jackson died today.” Instead they opt to do interviews in neverland, and show pictures of where he died and over-play that little girls comments at his memorial.

    The media can fabricate news out of nothing. I saw on the Colbert report that anderson cooper did a bit on a monkey Michael Jackson owned. He talked about what he ate for lunch and dinner (cucumbers, and of course a banana HA ha ha ha god I hate the news). My IQ literally dropped a solid 10 after seeing that display of garbage.

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