A New Dawn for All of Smurfdom

smurf-villageAs I was perusing various news and entertainment articles last week, I came across something that surprised me. It was an article about the Smurfs. For those of us in the twenty-thirty range, we are probably all too familiar with the original blue dudes, but for younger audiences, Hannah Montana, Spongebob Squarepants, and the Fairly Odd Parents are likely more recognizable; which brings me to why the article about the Smurfs was so surprising—in December 2010 Columbia Pictures/Sony Animation will be releasing a full length live action/animated “Smurfs” the movie.

YES PEOPLE ITS TRUE! The little blue characters are hitting the big screen—in both 2D and 3D. While I am not entirely sold on the idea of a live action/animated Smurfs movie, I am interested to see what they will do with this beloved cartoon. The Smurfs were created in 1958 by a Belgium cartoonist by the name of Peyo for a comic strip and were later picked up by Hannah-Barbera Productions.

Growing up I remember my mother nicknaming my grandfather Papa Smurf, standing just barely over five foot tall with snow white hair, he was probably appropriately tagged. For me, minus the squeaky voices and seeing them run around the screen—that is probably one of my only early memories of The Smurfs, years since I have picked up a rerun episode every now and again, but I wonder just how well younger audiences will take to The Smurfs this time around.papa_smurf

At one time I loved Strawberry Shortcake; it appears that Strawberry has made somewhat of a revival—appearing on dolls, bags, t-shirts, and in the toy isle. While The Smurfs have still popped up on a novelty t-shirt from time to time, you can bet that merchandising for this thing will be huge! Smurf plush toys and novelty items will be crammed on Wal-Mart shelves for Christmas 2010.

Some might argue that the networks, production companies, etc. picking up and recycling these older cartoons to be rather lame. I for one, find it interesting, it brings back old memories, good memories. My friends and I have touched this topic quite a few times, discussing plot lines for our most beloved cartoons, how much we miss them etc. The best idea we have conjured up—a live action movie of—pause for emphasis, Gargoyles. Please may the forces that be use tight digital effects and computer graphics to recreate this most awesome of cartoons. How bad ass would that be? I loved coming in after school and watching Gargoyles.

Fortunately, it was one of the few cartoons my brother and I could easily agree to. I think somewhere in that line-up came The Animaniacs as well, oh the formerly known WB, how we miss you.

Well enough of this childish rambling, I am going to go see how many of my favorites I can dig up and watch on Hulu. Look mom! I wrote five paragraphs, (and they say cartoons and TV rot your brain.) Oh wait, I never provided closing statements about the Smurfs! How silly of me. For all of you kids out there, both young and old, enjoy a replay of some, hopefully good, childhood memories. Maybe your most beloved childhood cartoon will get a revamp in the near future!


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3 responses to “A New Dawn for All of Smurfdom

  1. Susan Halloran

    It does not suprise me at all that they are re-doing Smurfs, or any other old show/movie out there. It’s a potentially easy way to make a buck, to bank on an old hit. Especially with kids programming. This was a shoe in, you said it, 20-30 year olds grew up with it, and now they have kids. There you have it, you have just appealed to the parents who have the cash to take the kids to the movie. It is entertainment 101 genius marketing!

    I am pulling for that Gargoyles redux ;.)

  2. They also have a smurf porn floating out on the web.

    Most of the body paint rubs off by the end. And I thought I was watching real-life smurfs…

    Seriously, there is a smurf porn out there. I am not joking.

  3. My roommate and I once tried to capture this spirit in undergrad. Having produced some old Power Rangers and X-Men tapes from my attic, we sat down to re-visit the glory days of childhood.

    Sadly, the shows did not grow with time. Later, I tried again with the Beast Wars series, but the same failure stalked me.

    And thusly, with a wise heart and clairvoyant words do I unveil to you the truly worthy:

    You must redo the Super Mario Bros Super Show, in conjunction with the comics and original movie of the early nineties. This grand and aesthetic achievement will bring us one day closer to the natural perfection of mankind’s humble art.

    Oh. And Gargoyles are fucking cool.

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