A New Era Dawns…

The attentive reader may have noticed something interesting about this week’s articles: there weren’t any.

Recently, the staff at Project Group Think was unexpectedly reduced from seven writers to three. The losses included Po, Merkaba, Soahki, and Eelliso1; leaving Jakefunc, Davidrsheehan, and myself (Redpillneo) to carry on. All parties left on good terms, and Project Group Think officially wishes these individuals the best in their respective futures.

That having been said, Project Group Think will resume operation tomorrow with a new post by myself. Potential writers have been contacted, and if all candidates accept we should have a full staff within the week.

Also, in addition to each of our weekly postings, under the new system any author will be encouraged to add aditional work on off-days at their own discretion. If you notice a post by a known writer on a day that is not theirs, I encourage you to scroll down and see if there mightn’t also be the days regular offering beneath.

Thank you for your patronage and patience. My colleagues and I are embracing PGT 2.0 with vigor and ambition – we hope you do the same.

Redpillneo is a contributing writer for ProjectGroupThink. Follow us into a new era via Twitter (username: PGTblog.)

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One response to “A New Era Dawns…

  1. redpillneo

    I have just been informed that E may make continued appearances as a guest writer on random (or at least unscheduled) occasions. PGT is happy to announce this – the dawn just got even brighter…

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