What Is This Blogging?

If you’re reading this, you are probably at least vaguely familiar with the phenomenon known as blogging. I don’t think even we understand quite yet what it is, but it is certainly being done. There exists a universe such that it blogs – whoa.

As members of that blogging universe, we must ask ourselves – why does it blog, why do we blog, why do I blog?

Is it because, at the influence of mass-scale technological karma, we have isolated and alienated ourselves to the point of crying out to strangers? Or because, with the advanced specificity and range of data provided by Google and its ilk, we can simply reach out electronically to the universe and request like-minded companions? Is it to advance a cause, or to create beauty for its own sake?

Moreover-what the hell are our grandkids going to think of this blogging nonsense? Should the human race elect to continue reproducing, this phenomenon will prove an interesting sociological dig for some grad students’ theses in a half-century’s time.

Blogging is akin to jumping through microcosms. You see an article by someone you know – maybe relate to? – and you recognize it as the comfort of a familiar world. You click a new link, and you’re sifting through foreign territory, at the mercy of fate’s cruel whims and your browser’s back button.

There really are a myriad of factors at play here – looking at each of them is oddly analogous to the incomprehensible intricacy of our complex universe. Maybe that’s why we do it – for the moments of insight and bits of magic that we come across when we traverse the blog-o-sphere, whether borrowed or of our own discovery.

This blogging is what people are thinking. This blogging is who we are. This is blogging is one


in history.

Why we do it? What is the voice of one hand clapping? Why does it matter – whoa. False dichotomy – shouldn’t we first establish that it matters all?

Freaky business, this blogging. A brand-new kind of art – not a novel, a play, or a symphony. Like a public library, filled with the private accounts of strangers. Strangers that are breathing, somewhere, right now. Most to all of whom will likely breathe tomorrow.

And if perchance they shouldn’t, what will they think of it in retrospect? A necesseray catharsis? Perhaps. A useful “product” in the ideational ecosystem of memes? Arguably. An ego-catalyzing impediment to Nirvana – whoa and a half!

Whatever they (we?,I?) might think…will that make any of this blogging less right or wrong to have blogged?

It doesn’t matter yet – right now, blogging IS.

Red Pill Neo is a contributing writer for Project Group Think. Follow us on Twitter; username PGTblog!


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One response to “What Is This Blogging?

  1. A collection of looking glasses for me to try on again and again, slide through the cracks in the walls and come out on all sides or just flip the switch to go “up & out.” Documents of moments that never happened in some objective reality of observers that I’ve never met. The passing dreams and spiraling psychosis of butterfly-smattered unzipped-lip recital dancers.

    Another empty canvas to splatter, break-through, manipulate, face and make gooey.

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