Sorry Satan! The internet has already consumed my soul!

I always figured that if there was a hell I would be dueling Satan on a fiddle for the rights to my soul. In the age of technology there will be no souls left for Satan to devour once we all parish. The internet has already consumed my soul and likely yours too.

I just went 36 straight hours of straight internet outage, and I almost pulled my hair out. I could not do my school work, browse various free streaming porn sites, or even check the good ole’ time consuming facebook.

Without the internet I felt out of place. I felt awkward if you will. I had no clue what to do. Sure, I can take Ethan to the park, read a book, do some cleaning, but for 36 hours (7 ½ which I was asleep)? I could not plow my facebook Farmville fields and plant fresh virtual plants. Honestly, the world could have ended, and I would have been left here clueless because I could not do my daily browse of various news sites.

Honestly, how the hell did we ever make it through life without the web?

The internet is our passport for anything we want in life. Read anything you want. Need friends? Join some social-networking sites.  Want to hear your favorite music? Screw music stores and paying for music. Download them illegally, and for free. Buy yourself some airline, concert, or sporting event tickets. Do anything you want, or find anything you want because it is the internet.

I honestly have no clue how life would be without the web. I was 14 when the internet made it’s debut in my household, and I haven’t looked back since. Most of us hardly remember a world without Myspace, Amazon, AIM, eBay, and facebook.

What hell did people do prior to 1994? I was a kid, so I remember running around outside playing football and baseball. What are kids doing these days? Are they sitting on their asses becoming mob bosses on facebook’s Mafia Wars like me? What did our parents do? What did college students do without facebook? How the hell did you contact your dealer without facebook, or even a cell phone?

The world would be a strange place without the internet. Would we live in a better place?

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5 responses to “Sorry Satan! The internet has already consumed my soul!

  1. We just recently had a vacation where we had no internet access for 4 days. It was wonderful! We talked to each other mostly, sat outside and enjoyed Nature, lit candles, smoked cigars and hookah, made elaborate meals, read books, wrote stories, made jewelry, drew pictures, performed rituals, made a fire, walked around town and took walks outside. It was the best 4 days I’ve had in quite some time. We also had no cell phone service while we were there :) There was a TV, but no DVD player; we had little desire for that kind of entertainment.

    Mostly, I think we choose to lock ourselves into the world of the internet. I had a few years of numerous social networks and online friends, etc. While some of it was entertaining and passed the time, it did often disrupt many things in my personal life outside the internet, and there were missed opportunities. I have since nuked all my social networking accounts. I only have one IM and it has less than a dozen people on it. I have 2 blogs and belong to one forum that comprise 6 people, one of which being my partner, another my best friend and 2 of his friends.

    Now I use the internet for work/research mostly, blogging, emailing when necessary and the occasional shopping or game.

    The more we engage in a network or structure, the more we can feel like we may be dependent upon it; it’s a lie. You can stop whenever you want, really. The choice is whether you want to or not. For some, it comes down to a cost-benefit analysis, rationalizations, the feeling of belonging or the need for constant stimulation.

    After seeing families ruined by internet games and networks and experiencing groups that go to shit under the veils of handles and masks, I have come to the decision to not engage in ALL online has to offer (most of it is either worthless to me or a time-consumer that I cannot afford).To each his own though.

    Internet: 0, Money: 0, Status: 0
    I don’t give up my soul so easily….
    BUT sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll…. hmmm

  2. Believe it or not, I spent the last academic year setting up Red Pill Neo, on my own and through PGT, with no home internet service. There was about a mile walk to campus from my apartment, meaning I could spend a good fifteen minutes just walking and rocking out.

    This year, I have intentions of caving on internet sevice – it is simply not worth a fifty-minute round trip to book a flight or e-mail a profesor. Cable, or any television broadcasting, will remain absent in my home.

    Hmm…do five seasons of That ’70’s Show count as cheating here?

    • That 70’s show is a great show. I own them all on dvd except for the sub-par season 8.

    • jakefunc

      ehhh, you can watch TV on the internet too.

      I wouldn’t call ‘not having internet at home’ a true internet outage because you still continued to access it through alternative means. If you have no access period, that would be an outage.

      I really only had home access to ‘dial-up internet’ for the past year, but I’d just call that a depraved existence haha. If I needed to do something important in a timely manner, I would go to Hiram College or the County Library to use their godlike high-speed interweb.

      Before the advent of the internet in my life, I probably spent more time outdoors, more time reading physical print, more time in front of the tv (0uch).

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