5 responses to “Schizophrenia 4: Busted

  1. Great article – thank you for once more catalyzing my antipathy.

    When Trent said “still cannot fix this broken machine,” was he talking about our democracy?

    • jakefunc

      Thanks, I try my best. You can only be jaded so long.

      And no, he wasn’t talking about “our democracy” but the individual, himself, or perhaps, you or me, struggling to cope with the everyday reality of existence. You could probably place such an individual in a “democracy” formatted by a selfish, apathetic culture.

  2. jakefunc

    here’s a link to one of the DJs being handcuffed during his set


  3. f-010

    breakcore as well as any kind of “avant garde” or “post modern” art show have as many haters as catholic and evangelic churches together, wanna know what it really means, ask some german what happened in past in clubs there or as well about the goth and punk scene in uk, is just same, but now, the freaks are way down the line, but much more smarter then the ancestors. breakcore, power and rhythmic noise, idm and all related to it survived enough time without to be a mainstream “fashion” to be killed for a shit as this. Breakcore is not dead, is so alive as people can see, cause future my friends, is right there under our noses!

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