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PGT has a continually cycling staff of individuals; our writers come and go as they please. If you would be interested in joining our weblog, please click on “PGT and You”.


Southwest Editor – Red Pill Neo

“One of these lives is lived in computers, where you go by the blogger alias “Neo” and are guilty of virtually every thought-crime we have a law for…”

Redpillneo is a writer/philosopher/ne’er-do-well currently but temporarily based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Raised outside Ravenna, Ohio (birthplace of famed Maynard James Keenan), Neo left  for Ohio University in Athens to pursue a degree in audio production and a career as America’s next heavy metal legend.  Butting heads with the communications scholars, he switched to a major in philosophy; a decision that would redefine him as something stronger, sharper, and much more cynical. During the summer of ’08 (pronounced “ought-eight”), Neo and his best friend of 18 ½ years left their Midwestern trappings, tossing their belongings in a ’98 Dodge Neon and driving the 1600 miles to the University of New Mexico, where he is pursuing an M.A. in philosophy and establishing himself as an up-and-coming “young gun” in the writing game.

Neo’s academic interests are diverse, but his current work revolves mostly around Nietzsche’s responses to the problem of nihilism.  Samples of his literary work (essays, fiction stories, and poems) are viewable at

n39101954_34571909_3238800Midwest Editor – jakefunc

Single, male, 24, blue eyes, brown hair, tall, unathletic, lacking inspiration. Will be pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration at BGSU. Future unknown. Mild disenchantment likely. Things can only go up from here; keep moving and it will all fall in place.

JadeAmethystt Bio coming soon

ElTigreTom Bio coming soon

HelloLion Bio coming soon


po_pic Our Founder – Po

The brainchild behind Project Groupthink. He’s a strategist, a pseudo intellectual, and one cocky bastard. By day he is employed as a marketing grunt/graphic artist, by night, he’s a semi-professional online poker player. He enjoys cycling, reading, camping, music (listening & creating), really hoppy beer, Tabasco sauce, existential philosophy, and eastern thought. He’s a vegetarian and he advocates green sustainable living.  He dreams of one day owning his own small business.

Quail Hollow 031picSoahki lives in Canton, Ohio with her boyfriend, three cats, and a Norwegian elkhound puppy.  Her academic background is in wildlife conservation.  She enjoys studying anthropology, mythology, shamanic practices, and ancient civilizations.  She is also interested in native flora, fauna, and ecology.  Her other hobbies include writing, photography, pottery, science fiction, discovering unusual genres of music, poetry, hiking, camping, gardening, herbs, cultural experiences, and exotic vegetarian cuisine.  Soahki spends much of her available time exploring various subcultures and talking with unusual people who hold diverse worldviews.  She considers herself “A Seeker.”  It is Soahki’s eventual goal to become a novelist.

Davidrsheehan (aka Dave) is a contributing writer for Project GroupThink. He has his own site (up and running soon), on which some content will seem awfully familiar. In his spare time, he reads, writes, avoids cooking, plays broomball/hockey/disc golf, listens to music, watches films, cleans, thinks, maintains a healthy social media presence (Twitter: davidrsheehan), and never stops learning. He is particularly amused by his assort pets (dog, Tails; chinchilla, Buster; dwarf hamster, Little Red) and his girlfriend, Lindsay, all of whom keep his life interesting and variegated.

Merkaba33 is a free thinker, a visionary, a writer, and a storyteller.  And that’s all in his spare time.  Currently employed in a management development program at a major financial services firm, he refuses to let a job define him.  He’s also the one writing this bio, in third person voice, as if he were somebody else.  This is a little strange, he thinks.

eelliso1Eelliso1 currently works for Kent State University where she is also furthering her education. She’s interested in cultural anthropology, chakra meditation, crystal healing/energy, web design, digital photography, graphic design, and of course, writing. Politically she leans to the left and considers herself spiritual but not religious. Her social interests include: health care reform, education reform, environmental regulation, and many others. She’d like to one day write, illustrate, and publish several picture books for children, and possibly a novel or two.

Please feel free to comment on posts, we always enjoy a healthy debate as well as constructive feedback. We strongly encourage our readers to be active members in the Project Groupthink community.


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