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Gonzo Philosophy

Friday night in ‘Burque found five young friends kickin’ it to a slower groove, after security has busted up our party on account of someone else’s music. The host reclined, saddened by our communal loss, and consoled himself with a well-taken hit from a festively colored bowl. Sinking into a chemical calm, he found the serenity to accept that the evening could only improve from this dark chapter.




My friend stuffed his bowl in his pocket and answered the door. Two thugs, clad in black and sporting loaded weapons, further decimated the evening’s feel-good vibe by barging, sans invite, into the sanctity of a couple’s home.


“Where’s the weed, and whose smokin’ it?” one of the villains demanded, at which point the host surrendered his stash with a look of true defeat.


“Pretty low-grade,” the hooligan chirped mockingly, with a smugness so tacit as to bolster itself in its own presence.


“Yeah, we’re kinda broke, man.” the host lamented as they divested him of even this meager offering.


“If you’re so broke,” one countered, “why are you spending your money on weed?”


There was no pretense of respect: he had the gun, he had superiority; and he had the gall to enforce further mockery upon my beaten friend. Truly, this man was an ass of epic proportion.


“Either I’m addicted, or I just like it too much,” he replied, dejected and beyond defense. They left us then, to the pangs of poverty and buzzkill as the night wore on.


Now, the question we all have to ask ourselves is: is this the sort of behavior that we as a populace are willing to accept from officers of the law?


That’s right: la policia, Big Brother, the fuzz had entered an innocent man’s home and taken by force that which is, by the rights of morality, patriotism, and civil disobedience, his private property. If someone had done the same without a badge, I would have been well within my rights to take the fucker’s kneecap and watch him crawl on home; but because this act of theft was perpetrated behind the paternalist bully-system of America’s executive branch, such action would’ve seen me in fetters. What I wouldn’t have given for diplomatic immunity and a baseball bat.


I am not drawing this analogy to encourage violence against police. I do believe that, amongst the moralistic oafs and badged thieves that incite situations like this one, there are a good number of good cops. In point of fact, I may personally owe quite a bit to one in particular, who took the time and interest in the legal plight of a college kid to talk me out of throwing my future away on anger and vengeance. Be that as it may, I stand that, had I or any of my colleagues managed to break these individuals before they could fire, the action would have been both justified and courageous (if perhaps imprudent, from a survivalist perspective.) Before we blame the police, however, perhaps we must also blame ourselves.


We live in a democracy, a democracy in which many of us are attempting to regain faith. It is, in theory, the actions and ideas of a free people which will constitute our principles in the years to come, principles amongst which personally liberty is often cited, if only long enough to be discarded at the hands of an overtly Puritan and thankfully dying ethic.


If we speak of marijuana (and I stress, other drugs as well) as secretive or criminal, then an uneducated populace will necessarily come to view them as such. Give the people a bit of D.A.R.E. and fear-mongering, and the myths will all but propagate themselves. But if we our honest, with ourselves and our fellow citizens, then the volume of our outrage can only be amplified by the abuses which so tirelessly assail our common liberty.


I smoke marijuana. This does not make me, or you, or anybody else a bad person, and it does not give capitalist bullies on machismo trips just cause to violate the sanctity of our homes, the security of our interests, or the Fourth Amendment of our Constitution.


I wish here to speak in the promotion of freedom, and not of violence. But whatever anger failed to find my actions on that night must find our pens, our voices, and our spirits; lest the menace of paternalism run unchecked. If the government can waste our time, our money, and our lives on smoking guns, the average citizen should never be without recourse when the barrel’s pointed squarely at his own doorstep.

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Wake Up: You Have Swine Flu

Soon enough you’ll have a little piggy tail to match your sniffling snout, nose deep in the home-sty littered with the corpses of the unfortunate. The World Health Organization might as well boost its rating to a Level 6 pandemic because H1N1 is here, right now, in your town. I myself stocked up on Tamiflu years ago when the last ‘animal’s viral vengeance against man’ swept through; good luck, suckers.

But to be completely honest, you’re more likely to be trampled to death by a herd of flu-panicked hypochondriacs at the pharmacy than actually die from the Swine Flu. Since January of this year, the ‘regular’ flu has killed over 13,000 people in the United States (see http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/04/28/regular.flu/index.html). Influenza: 13,000. Swine Flu: 5. So why did I even bring this issue to your attention? Because its bullshit propagated by the news media to woo you. Totally unfair. I should have a free shot at warming your heart/loins with some Bush-era fear tactics too.

!!!!!!!!YOU’S GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!

©2009 jakefunc

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Crayons, Existentialism, and our Dystopia

child_scribble_age_1y10mOn occasion, when feeling the wrath of the ‘existential blues’, I secretly envy those with cookie-cutter world views. To have a set of beliefs laid out in front of you like cutlery on a table must be nice – yes, knives go to the right of you and forks to the left. While incapable of not being a skeptic, about anything, I am still torn by the theoretical decision of choosing between a life of ignorance and a life of truth seeking. Which is preferable?

I can only imagine the self worth one must feel by truly believing that they have a purpose outside of themselves, that they aren’t just members of a group of well dressed monkeys hobbling across a useless rock. What would it be like to never think beyond the sociopolitical structure that dictates the very boundaries of our waking life? To not be burdened by ethical dilemmas because right and wrong can be so clearly defined? Certainly that reality is very quantifiable, but it’s also very limiting. Would you rather color inside of the lines, or stray to the outside, where an infinite amount of blank canvas exists? Staying inside the lines and following the status quo is a quick and easy approach for drifting through life in linear fashion. From Point A to Point B we go, we follow the path and we’re careful not to stray. We’ve been told that everything will turn out okay in the end, and God forbid, we going exploring, the world is far too scary of a place for that.

Unfortunately for the thinker, the majority of the population has, by nature, chosen the former. With so many people in the world, and so few being thinkers, we’re stuck living inside a socially assembled world that has been crafted without our best interests in mind. It’s only natural for intellectuals to become increasingly more ideological as the calendar advances – for we’re always learning, always analyzing, and always seeking while the world at large remains stagnant and asleep at the wheel. Thus, a healthy cynicism begins to sprout up, eventually blossoming into full-fledged unhappiness with civilization as a whole. Throughout recorded history the thinker has always struggled against the ignorant masses and this is no exception.

With the advance of technology we’re supposedly more connected than ever, yet somehow nothing has fundamentally altered our way of discourse. Communication may have become easier, but that doesn’t change the fact that most people still don’t have anything to say. We’re like parrots squabbling back and forth to each other. We speak in gibberish that’s been spoon fed to us by multi-billion dollar entertainment corporations. We’re forced to conform to their rules, absorb the latest catch phrase, hear empty political rhetoric, be swayed by media fear mongering (swine flu anyone?), take lessons on how we should look, the way we should act, and what we should feel. We work too much and the only thing we have to show for it are gas guzzling automobiles and plasma TV’s. Suddenly, nothing is real. Just lies, regurgitated pig slop – it’s what’s for dinner. Dig in; you might as well enjoy it.

As thinkers we become progressively more appalled by the cheapening and commercialization of our very existence. We watch in horror as our friends and loved ones ‘sell their souls’ chasing pipe dreams in blind faith of this so-called American Dream – and they do it all with a rosy cheeks, fake smiles and lifeless eyes. Zombies now void of the presumably infinite curiosity of their youths. They’re beyond help now, there’s no turning back – and we’re starting to slip too. Coloring outside of the lines is becoming such a hassle, and it’s really getting lonely out here. Occasionally we’ll catch fleeting moments of inspiration which may, in turn, fuel short bursts of creativity. If we’re lucky enough to have captured it we’ll feel privileged to share it with anyone who dares to listen. But have no fear society, we’re getting weakened. We’ll be in our cubicles by sunrise as if nothing ever happened – still alone within our thoughts in a world that just wasn’t meant for us.

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